The Costa Rica International Film Festival (CRFIC) selected a total of 13 Central American projects that will participate in Industria CRFIC, during the seventh edition of this film event, which will be held in Costa Rica from March 28th to April 6th, 2019.

Of the total of proposals chosen by the Festival, six will compete in the Project Presentation Forum and seven in Cinema in post-production.

The section Industria CRFIC is a space of competition that characteristically encourages the feedback of prominent members of the international audiovisual field to create professional networks among filmmakers, as well as to provide specialized advice.

"Industria CRFIC is a fundamental section, not only because it constitutes a direct platform of promotion and advice for regional cinema, but also because it is the section that determines and shapes what the future of the Festival should be: it is here that we begin to glimpse which films could compete in future editions, and it is also an ideal means to diagnose the design of professional training needs", said the artistic director of 7CRFIC, Raciel del Toro.

In the section Forum for the presentation of projects, the chosen proposals are Costa Rican, two of them co-produced with Spain and Argentina. In Cinema in post-production, the films are from Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador, co-produced with Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and France.

"Being able to visualize and support the projects that are being developed both nationally and in Central America is fundamental because the international film market is showing a strong interest in collaborating with projects being carried out in our region. That is why it becomes vital to maintain initiatives such as the section Industria CRFIC, in order to exhibit and support Central American cinema”, said the 7CRFIC Industry and Training Coordinator, María Fernanda Carvajal.

The committee in charge of selecting participants of Industria CRFIC in this year’s edition of the CRFIC included film producers Viana González (Cuba), Karolina Hernández (Costa Rica) and María Fernanda Carvajal (Costa Rica).

The jury of Industria CRFIC includes producer Marcela Esquivel (Costa Rica), founder of La Feria Producciones; Rafael Sampaio (Brazil), director of BrLab, a laboratory for the development of audiovisual projects in Sao Paulo; and Isabel Arrate (Netherlands), director since 2002 of the IDFA Bertha Fund, audiovisual fund for independent projects.

Industria CRFIC also has a body of advisers: Soledad Salfate from Chile, who will provide advice in matters of film editing; and Martha Orozco from México, who specializes in the field of film production.

Industria CRFIC Awards

The award for the winners of the Project Presentation Forum consists of three million colones (¢ 3,000,000) to finance the stage of development or production of a film; as well as the Cine House Award, which consists of a loan for 2 days of complete camera equipment and light truck, sponsored by this company, one of the largest rental equipment in Costa Rica and Panama.

On the other hand, the recognitions for Cinema in post-production are distributed in a prize of three million colones (¢ 3,000,000) for the financing of the post-production stage of a Costa Rican film; another three million colones (¢ 3,000,000) to finance the post-production stage of a film, open to all Central American participants; the Say the SAME Subtitles Award for translation and subtitling in two languages, sponsored by the Mexican company Say the SAME, leader in audiovisual translation and subtitling for film festivals; and the CENTRAL POST Prize for a complete post-production of image and sound, sponsored by one of the most important Central American audiovisual post-production companies.


Industria CRFIC’s list of selected projects


Project presentation Forum

Diego (Costa Rica). Direction: José Pablo García; production: Gimena Cortés

El amor según Julia (Costa Rica). Direction: Olman Vargas; production: Irene Chacón

El despertar de las hormigas: la adultez (Costa Rica- Spain). Direction: Antonella Sudasassi; Production: Amaya Izquierdo

Ixchel (Costa Rica-Argentina). Direction: Wanda López; production: Carolina Arias Ortiz

Lugares vacíos (Costa Rica). Direction: Zenén Vargas; production: Santiago Durán

Si no ardemos cómo iluminar la noche (Costa Rica). Direction: Kim Torres; production: Alejandra Vargas Carballo


Cinema in post-production

Ceniza negra (Costa Rica-Argentina-Chile-France). Direction: Sofía Quirós; production: Mariana Murillo

El silencio del topo (Guatemala- Mexico). Direction: Anais Taracena; production: Rafael González

Ernesto, gracias (Costa Rica). Direction: Laura Ángel Córdoba;  production: Juan Manuel Fernández

La pasión de Nella Barrantes (Costa Rica). Direction: Nicolás Pacheco; production: Camila Yglesias

Polvo de gallo (El Salvador- Mexico). Direction and production: Julio López

Regreso al país del olvido (Guatemala). Direction: Jose Ferulli; production: Laura Dolz

Río Sucio (Costa Rica-Colombia). Direction: Gustavo Fallas; production: Ruth Sibaja